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High consistency pulping principle and advantages


High consistency pulping is to point to in the process of beating pulp through enrichment equipment will concentrations up to 15% - 15%, by the screw c…

  • Fiber Internal Delamination Fiber Internal Delamination
  • Curl, Kink and Micro compression Curl, Kink and Micro compression
  • High Consistency Refining Fiber High Consistency Refining Fiber
KNOWLEDGE OF HC REFINING High consistency pulping fiber internal delamination

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Our company is founded in 2004, specialized in high consistency refining in paper lines.For many countries including China, they have wide trees and other plants of short fibers.Those fibers can be better treated with high consistency refining in paper lines. Now low consistency refining is widely used. The effect of that is cutting and outer fiberation. For short fibers ,if fibers are cut, many strength index such as tensile,tear, beast, folding, ring crush .etc would be difficult to maintain. Factories have to raise the cost to get high strength products. High consistency refining is to refine the fibers with the consistency of 20%. The effect of that is called inner fiberation which means the lose and moving of P, S1, S2, S3 . The fibers get curl and twisted, we get more free hydrogen from the curling and twisting place. Another effect of high consistency refining is to maintain the length of the fibers.Those two effects can enhance the strength of short fibers themselves, so that long fibers or strength chemicals can be saved. In the last 14 years, we have been working on this technology to help the paper factory in the area of no enough long fibers to get high strength paper with lowest cost. Now we have applied it in about 40 lines in china and Asia countries. Those fibers include softwood pulp, hardwood pulp, waste paper , straw, bagasse,bamboo. The paper lines include tissue paper, packaging paper, and culture paper. Many of the customers are giants of China such as Asia Pulp & Paper Company Ltd, Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd, Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Ltd. We have created tremendous economic value to those paper factories and get highly recognition.Our company has strong researching and developing capabilities of process and equipment. It can provide customers with the most mature and stable high-consistency refining technology solutions and equipment. Our company is the most reliable partner of paper factories to improve paper quality and reduce production costs.

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