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Shandong Sun Holding Group Release time:2017-08-31

Shandong Sun Holding Group was founded in 1982, is the world's advanced transnational Paper Group and forest pulp paper integration group, headquartered in Shandong City, Jining province Yanzhou district. Business involves investment, paper making, hotel and other fields. Its mainly Shandong sun paper Limited by Share Ltd (Stock Code: 002078), international paper sun cartonboard Co. Ltd., Shandong International Paper Co. Ltd., Shandong international board sun sun food packaging material Co. Ltd, Shandong sundeer international hotel. At present, the group's sales revenue of nearly 50 billion yuan, pulp and paper production capacity of nearly 6 million tons, with total assets of 29 billion 200 million yuan, the staff more than 1 people, ranked Chinese top 500 enterprises in 306th, is Chinese papermaking industry leader, ranked the world's top 100 paper.


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