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Genda Fiber is a high-tech company located in Changsha City, Hunan Province. It has 17 years of history in the development of technology and equipment in pulping and refining for paper-making. The company is specializing in research,development and optimization of the process technology of the high-consistency refining system for plant fiber short fiber raw materials, and the manufacturing, an in sales and service of equipment. More than 90% of papermaking raw materials are short and medium fiber raw materials, which are very suitable for high-consistency refining processes. Since its establishment, the company has conducted long-term research and development on the key technical difficulties in the high-consistency refining process and equipment, such as concentration, conveying, and the design of grinding discs (such as avoiding fiber cutting, etc.). The developed high-consistency refining system includes a complete set of equipment such as high-consistency refiner, non-hollow patented grinding disc, belt thickener, double-cylinder washer, bulk material conveying screw, etc.. The company has obtained 10 authorized invention patents and 7 utility model patents. The design and manufacturing of the system has reached the domestic advanced level. At present, hundreds of production lines of waste paper pulp, bamboo pulp, hardwood pulp, bagasse pulp, reed pulp, wheat straw pulp and other raw materials have been transformed traditional low-consistency refining into high-consistency refining . High--consistency refining has created huge economic benefits for customers, and the products are exported to the United States, the Middle East, and Southeast Asian countries. After years of research and development, Genda Fiber has successfully applied high-consistency refining equipment to chemical mechanical pulp, biomechanical pulp, semi-chemical pulp and other pulp. At the same time, it has also developed other key equipment for chemical mechanical pulp and achieved good results. And the raw materials include wood chips, bamboo chips, grass materials and so on.

Corporate Vision

Corporate Vision

To be a Company with High-tech and High-value

To Become the Most Outstanding Refiner Manufacturer and the most Professional Developer of Medium and High Consistency Refining  Process

Corporate Mission Corporate Mission

To Create the World's Best Technology and Equipment

Corporate Mission


  • In 2004Year

    The Establishment of R & D
    Initially the company was engaged in the research,  development and production of patented grinding plates; and the plates were applied to the low consitency refining production line, and achieved obvious process effects.
  • In 2006Year

    The First High Consistency Refiner

    The first high consistency refiner developed specifically for short-fiber raw materials successfully entered the tobacco sheet industry (mechanical pulping and beating), and subsequently modified nine domestic production lines for tobacco sheets;

  • In 2008Year

    Applied in Mechanical Pulp

    Enter the field of mechanical pulp and successfully cooperated with Chenming Paper, Hubei Huahai Paper and Shandong Changyi Runde Fiber to establish a number of chemical pulp and semi-chemical pulp production lines.

  • In 2009Year

    Applied in Chemical Pulp

    Entered the field of chemical bagasse pulp for tissue, and established model lines in Guangxi Huayi Paper and Hengxian Jiangnan Paper.

  • In 2012Year

    Major Breakthrough

    A major breakthrough was made in high consistency  refining in the wood pulp and bamboo pulp  in the field of tissue, and a sample line was established.

  • In 2012Year

    Built Many Lines

    More than 20 production lines established;

  • In 2014Year

    Mature Application

    Extend mature medium and high consistency refining systems and processes to tissue.

  • In 2017Year


    In June 2017, the company name was officially changed from CC  Paper to GENDA Fiber.

Honorary certificate

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The patent certifcate

  • Full automatic hydraulic refiner

    Full automatic hydraulic refiner

  • Full automatic hydraulic refiner

    Full automatic hydraulic refiner

  • Full automatic hydraulic refiner

    Full automatic hydraulic refiner

  • Full automatic hydraulic refiner

    Full automatic hydraulic refiner

  • Full automatic hydraulic refiner

    Full automatic hydraulic refiner

  • Full automatic hydraulic refiner

    Full automatic hydraulic refiner

Human resources

  • Harmonious Working Environment

    Harmonious Working Environment

  • A Quick Promotion Path

    A Quick Promotion Path

  • Sound Compensation and Benefits

    Sound Compensation and Benefits

  • Broad Development Platform

    Broad Development Platform


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