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Green feed grinding system

The green feed grinding system is a complete set of system equipment specially developed for the new type of agricultural biotechnology industry ---- green plant fermented feed.

The system consists of storage bin, measuring conveyor, dry powder injection tank, mixing conveyor, grinding machine five components. As long as the front after the coarse broken 2 cm length of plant fiber dumped in the storage bin, through the measurement of transmission machine transported to the mixer, and the predetermined proportion of the automatic injection flow of dry powder mixed with the raw material into the mixing conveyor, directly sent to the mill entrance pulp, the raw material grinding slurry (the length of 2 mm below), can be directly in the export of manufactured goods will be grinding pulp filling to fermentation bag.

The system has the advantages of small energy consumption, high automation, simple operation, small footprint, low investment and high efficiency. It is very suitable for farm or fermented feed plants. It is a new type of mechanized equipment for modern agriculture.

Mechanical pulping of tobacco slices

Changsha is a light Paper Co. Ltd. in high concentration refiner transformed many domestic tobacco sheet production line. To omit the specific name of the customer at the request of the customer

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